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Artigrafiche Boccia spa, via tiberio claudio felice, 7
84131 salerno, italy - p.iva 00170870653
Iscrizione CCIAA di Salerno n. 00170870653 – REA 123898
Cap. Soc. int vers. Euro 1.000.000,00

A Different Imprinting is the down right synthesis of our philosophy. In fact, having a different
imprinting, means not only distinguishing oneself for "what" one produces, but also for "how"
it produces it. We believe in fact that - today more than ever - productivity and competence
cannot be separated. That investing in technological innovation is a must, but it's nothing
without the technical, entrepreneurial and creative background of the people working
with it. That a different approach to production, more respectful of human beings
and of their environment, is truly possible. We believe that innovation, people's
talent and respect are all synonyms, this is AGB's distinguishing asset, our
special imprinting.

Video Morphing

1950. The story of our company begins with a man and his dream.
It starts out with Orazio Boccia who decides to transform his dreamful
passion for typography into something real.
Company size, productivity, distribution, billing:
everything has changed, since then, except our initial imprinting.
People and their passion are still the drive for every choice we make.

People's talent, compatibility of all production phases, so to guarantee a uniform quality
standard from printing to final setup; diversification of our production lines through
innovation: summing these three factors together, we can gain in cost effectiveness and in
production timing. An achievement testified by all those clients that have been with us for
over 10 years, from all the ever growing international ones, and from the distribution of our products in over 10 different countries.


The good ones, for an example, tell us that they come from a serious
corporate thinking. They are the proof, that behind them, there are
certain entrepreneurial choices, that have anticipated many
market changes. And on a long term basis, they also
demonstrate, that a company can be defined reliable, only
if its investments are good also for its own clients.

Billing trend

Since 2005 Arti Grafiche Boccia has joined the U.N. Global Compact worldwide network,
which supports and promotes the ten Global Compact principles in the areas of human
rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.
The Company's value and the quality of their production have been acknowledged
by the most important official certifications: ISO 9001 Quality Management
System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, SA 8000 Social
Accountability. Since 2007, Deloitte & Touche S.p.A. certifies AGB's
financial plan.

Digital data travelling, in just few seconds, from our clients to us and
that swiftly return to our clients. Wherever they are.
All this is possible thanks to an advanced workflow system, that
allows time and cost-saving from computer to plate:
- 2 FTP servers with an optical fibre connection with a 10Mb/s
- HTTPS System File Manager, with cyan proof available
and real time web approval.

It's the full picture of the situation that makes the real difference between one investment and the other.
Any technological choice, decrees a company's efficiency, credibility competitiveness. But all choices are
made by people. Machines are only instruments: necessary, but in any case, only instruments.
Efficiency, but also innovation and the capability of searching out new markets, that's what
AGB's men and women want from their machines. Just think, that we were the first ones in
Europe, to purchase 2 Komori roto-offset, the most advanced technology for any kind of
printing requirement. Or the introduction of a 5 colour XL 105 Speed Master, the printing
machine that has improved and broadened label printing in the food packaging world.
Or at our Goss M600 A24 and Heidelberg M600 B24 rotary press machines, the first
ones to be installed in Italy.

2 32 page Komori web offsets, 64 pages in duplex version
cut off 1.250 mm - 4 and 5 colours - with fibre optic connection
to CTP and autoplate - capable of provide:

  • Roto offset printing products in 4 or 5 colours, in line varnish
    unit also with spot seal
  • A4 self covered products, saddlestitched or spine glued directly from the machine output, with remarkable scale economies as well as some product innovation
  • In line varnishing units for first to last pages of a self cover - 1st installation in Europe
  • Heidelberg M 600 B 24 Web offset, cut off 630 mm , with fibre optic connection to CTP and autoplate - 1st installation in Italy
  • Goss M 600 A 24 Web offset, cut off 577,85 mm, with fibre optic connection to CTP and autoplate - 1st installation in Italy with these particular formats


1 st Two 32 page duplex version Komori Roto-Offset guarantee a
much better quality control, with the same kind of page set up than
the 64 page one.

2 nd Two 32 page rotary press machines allow us to have a more
diversified and flexible production, thus satisfying small, medium and
large printing requirements, always respecting the given timing.

3 rd Thanks to their auxiliary parts, we can carry out self-covered
magazines directly from machine output, already saddlestiched, in
addition to entire 5 colour pressmarks and seal varnish the first and last
page of the self-covered magazines.

4 th The two new Komori machines use the same size spools of our other
rotary press machines: thanks to our interchangeability, flexibility and
industrial power, we are able to guarantee our clients, absolute punctuality.

  • Komori LITHOTRONE S40P (LS-840P) 72x103 cm, 8
    colors with sheet reversing mechanism
  • Heidelberg Speed Master XL 105 75x105 (5 colors + seal varnish) with fibre optic connection to CTP and
  • Heidelberg Speed Master CD 102 70x100 (4 colors)
    with fibre optic connection to CTP and autoplate

2 perfect binding lines:
Muller Martini Corona, 22 gathering units - 1st Installation of its kind in Italy, in terms of completeness and accessories, with the possibility to produce:

  • 8 pages gatefold cover, flush with the internal page size
  • insertion of reversed signature
  • gluing of a card into a signature
  • magazines with polyurethane glue

Wohlemberg MasterWB390, 24 gathering units

3 Muller Martini lines: 8 gathering
          units plus cover feeder and gluer

2 cutting lines
Heidelberg Polar 137XT Autotrim

  • knock up
  • electronic weighing and counting
  • paper machine
  • automatic wrapper machine

- Cerutti Maxinova S4 flexo rotary press
from the Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, capable of producing up to 96 full color tabloid pages

  • U.V. Roland varnish line + Thesis varnisher + polymerization line GST/UV. Size 88x127 cm
  • U.V. Nebiolo varnish line + Thesis varnisher + polymerization line
    GST/UV new line.
    Size 100x140 cm

2 packaging Sitma lines
with drier and label machine

All that's printed becomes news, important information on what we are eating or
drinking, or where we will spend our next holiday. It will be under someone's eyes
shaped as an instruction leaflet or newspaper. And it has to be printed well,
regardless of whether it's a label for tomato sauce packaging, or for pet food,
or for a bottle of mineral water, or even a brochure or a newspaper or a
magazine, or a promotional tabloid for a department store.
Because at AGB, innovation also helps serve this: to make sure that
everything is grandly thought out.

Quality of the service: at the end, this is what everybody is
asking for. But the answer is not always the same. From the
purchasing of the printing paper, to final distribution, we give
different answers to our clients' demand for excellence.

A 15.000 square meter warehouse to give our clients the chance of stocking raw materials and finished products.

From brochures to invitations, AGB can take care of the mailing process, delivering any kind of printing throughout Italy.

A client service that's an integrating part of our 360°
working process and a very strategic point for our clients.
AGB guarantees punctuality, capillarity and efficiency
both in Italy and all of Europe.

AGB can guarantee professional level graphic design, editing,
graphic layout and proof reading for any kind of editorial
requirements that Institutions or Public Administrations
might have.

SALERNO, Via Tiberio Claudio Felice, 7 - 84131 - Italy
phone: +39 089 303311 - fax +39 089 771017
ROMA, Via Tevere, 44 - 00198 - Roma
phone: +39 06 68801898 / +39 06 85356494
fax: +39 06 68892416
MILANO, Strada anulare, n.10 - Torre 10
Località S. Felice - Segrate - 20090 - MI
phone/fax: +39 02 7532750


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